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Contactless integrated circuit(s) cards
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17 N 4484
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG8 N 1875 R6


Draft Agenda of the 51st Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG8
in Graz, Austria, on 2012-04-18/20
(Revision 6, Status as of 2012-04-19)


Venue: Infineon Technologies Austria AG
Babenberger Straße 10
8020 Graz

For details on registration refer to N 1870.

For a list of the delegates registered for the WG8 & TFs meetings see  WG8+TF2_Delegates_Graz_2012.xls
retrievable by members only)

Additional Meeting Documents (only available at meetings and for members)

Temporary Files  (only available at meetings and for members)

Note 1: Some of the following items may contain references to hyperlinked documents, which however are password protected, and can therefore be accessed by WG8 Members only.

Note 2: Expected questions, notes, tasks to be discussed, related to items of the agenda below, may be inserted and are or will be marked in red. They just intend to serve as reminders.

Note 3: Delegates in WG8 and TFs meet with exclusively electronical.distribution of documents. In order to participate and contribute actively delegates are highly recommended to have a notebook computer available at the meetings in order to read, process and possibly write contributions. Electronic documents to be processed at meetings are usually be retrievable from the document servers of WG8 in advance and at meetings. Therefore it is further recommended, that notebook computers are equipped with the usual wireless internet access functionality. 

History of agenda versions:

Revision 1: just a few editorial corrections plus adding agenda item 11.2 regarding information about WEBEX
Revision 2: documents N 1877 and N 1878 added to agenda item 6.3 related to a proposed corrigendum to 14443-4:2008/Amd.2
Revision 3: starting time of the meeting is set 90 minutes earlier, it is now 12:30 p.m. instead of 2 p.m.,
                  document N 1879 was added to agenda item 6.3
Revision 4: a few documents were added to agenda item 5.1, item 6.7 made preciser, item 6.8 added
Revision 5: documents added to agenda item 6.2, 6.7
Revision 6: documents added to agenda item 6.4, documents updated in items 6.2, 6.7

Opening of the meeting on 18th April 2012 at 12:30 p.m.  (earlier start !!)
  • Organisational details from the Host
Roll call of the delegates
Membership list update

  • WG8 SD2: WG8 Members (only available at meetings)
-    Participants are requested to check SD2 on correctness.
-    Head of Delegations are additionally requested to check, whether the delegates of their countries are completely and correctly listed.
-    Participants, not yet listed in SD2 and wishing to register for WG8 membership must pass their registrations via their related Head of
     Delegation or their National Body's office.
-    Any modifications wish should please be sent
via e-mail to and

Adoption of the agenda
Introduction of input documents other than posted on the web
-    Participants are asked to send any file to be posted via e-mail to the Secretary's address and
-    Exceptionally participants can hand over files to the Convener and/or Secretary via USB memory stick.

Reports / Issues from other standardization groups

5.1 Issues of SC17 and its WGs
  • N 1865:  WG8 Convener's Report to SC17
  • N 1880:  SC17 Resolutions from the Song-Do Plenary
  • N 1884:  Request to form a Category C liaison between ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17 and NFC Forum
  • Question from the WG1 Convener regarding the relationship between embossing requirements and the 14443 classes concept

5.2 Other reports

ISO/IEC 14443

6.1 Report from TF2

6.2 NP Alternating between PICC and PCD functionalities
  • N 1848:  NP form regarding Alternating PICC and PCD support
  • N 1881:  NP BALLOT on Alternating PICC and PCD support
  • N 1868:  BALLOT RESUILT on NP Alternating PICC and PCD support
  • N 1869:  Addition to BALLOT RESUILT on NP Alternating PICC and PCD support
  • N 1888: Draft Disposition of comments on NP ballot result  
  • N 1889 R1: Draft CD text of Amendment to "Alternating between PICC and PCD functionalities"   
  • N 1890 R1: Draft CD text of the Amendment on test methods "Alternating between PICC and PCD functionalities"   
           -    WDs ready for CD ballots?  Yes

6.3 Resolution of comments on Amendments for bit rates higher than fc/16 and up to fc/2 (VHBR-ASK)
  • N 1853: Text of FDIS 14443-4:2008/FDAM2
  • N 1877: Framing options Type B - Bit rates activation using S(PARAMETERS)
  • N 1878 R2: WD ISO/IEC 14443-4:2008/CDCOR2 - Correction of framing options
  • N 1879: Specification of problematic points in FDIS ISO/IEC 14443-4:2008/FDAM2
       -    COR2 going to be balloted?   Yes

6.4 Resolution of comments on Amendments for bit rates of 3fc/4 and fc (VHBR-PSK)
          -    Going for the next voting step?  Yes (by the end of May 2012)

6.5 WD for "PICCs with external power supply"
  • N 18xx: Draft CD texts of Amendments to "PICCs with external power supply"   (not yet available)
        -    WD(s) ready for CD ballot?   Not yet

6.6 Status of Technical Report on "Multiple PICCs in one single operating field"
  • N 1863: Text of TR Multiple PICCs in one single operating field
  • N 1886: BALLOT of  PDTR Multiple PICCs in one single operating field
     Ballot pending
6.7 WD for "Frame with error correction"
  • N 1891 R1: Draft text of CD 14443-4:2008/AMx: Frame with error correction
  • N 1872 R2: NP form related to CD 14443-4:2008/AMx: Frame with error correction
                   Ready for NP/CD ballot?  Yes

6.8 Interpretation of RFU bits and values in WG8 standards
  • N 1874: Liaison Statement from VISA on behalf of EMVCo
ISO/IEC 10373-6
7.1 Status of  DIS 10373-6:2011/DAM4 (VHBR-ASK)
  • N 1855: Text of  DIS 10373-6:2011/DAM4 - Bit rates higher than fc/16 and up to fc/2
  • N 1882: BALLOT of  DIS 10373-6:2011/DAM4 - Bit rates higher than fc/16 and up to fc/2
              Ballot pending

7.2 Resolution of comments on CD 10373-6:2011/PDAM5 (VHBR-PSK)
         -    Going for the next voting step?   Going for 2nd CD

7.3 ISO/IEC 10373-6:2011/ "Enhanced test methods for ePassports and associated readers"
  • N 1901: CD text of  (not yet available)
        -    Next step?    Checking period via WG3 and NTWG

Resolution of comments on TR CD "Guidelines on RFU (Reserved for future use)"
                           -      Next step?

Update of the WG8 Projects' details
  • SD1: WG8 Projects

Dates and venues of next meetings  
  • SD3: Next Meetings

Any other business

New WG8 Secretariat 
11.2 Information regarding WEBEX
Summary Report of this meeting  
  • N 1887: Draft Summary Report

Closure of meeting on 20th of April 2012 no later than 4 p.m. 

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