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Contactless integrated circuit(s) cards
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17 N 4xxx
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG8 N 1760 R5


Draft Agenda of the 49th Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG8
in Ispra, Italy, on 2011-03-28/30
(Revision 5, Status as of 2011-03-28)


Venue: European Commission
Joint Research Centre
Building 36b, Room 2
Via E. Fermi 2749
21027 Ispra (VA)

For details on meeting organisation and registration refer to N 1758 R1.

Jean-Marc Chareau
European Commission
Joint Research Centre (JRC)
Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen
Via E. Fermi, 2749
21027 Ispra (VA)
Phone:    +39 0332 78 9208
Fax:        +39 0332 78 5469

For a list of the delegates registered for the WG8 & TFs meetings see
WG8+TF2_Delegates_Ispra_2011.xls (retrievable by members only)

Additional Meeting Documents (only available at meetings and for members)

Temporary Files  (only available at meetings and for members)

Note 1: Some of the following items may contain references to hyperlinked documents, which however are password protected, and can therefore be accessed by WG8 Members only.

Note 2: Expected questions, notes, tasks to be discussed, related to items of the agenda below, may be inserted and are or will be marked in red. They just intend to serve as reminders.

Note 3: Delegates in WG8 and TFs meet with exclusively electronical.distribution of documents. In order to participate and contribute actively delegates are highly recommended to have a notebook computer available at the meetings in order to read, process and possibly write contributions. Electronic documents to be processed at meetings are usually be retrievable from the document servers of WG8 in advance and at meetings. Therefore it is further recommended, that notebook computers are equipped with the usual wireless internet access functionality. 

History of agenda versions:

Opening of the meeting on 28th March 2011 at 10 a.m.
  • Organisational details from the Host
Roll call of the delegates
Membership list update

  • WG8 SD2: WG8 Members (only available at meetings)
-    Participants are requested to check SD2 on correctness.
-    Head of Delegations are additionally requested to check, whether the delegates of their countries are completely and correctly listed.
-    Participants, not yet listed in SD2 and wishing to register for WG8 membership must pass their registrations via their related Head of
     Delegation or their National Body's office.
-    Any modifications wish should please be sent
via e-mail to

Adoption of the agenda
Introduction of input documents other than posted on the web
-    Participants are asked to send any file to be posted via e-mail to the Secretary's address
-    Exceptionally participants can hand over files to the Convener and/or Secretary via USB memory stick.

Reports / Issues from other standardization groups

5.1 Issues of SC17 and its WGs
  • N 1757 = SC17 N 4063: Resolutions from the SC17 Plenary meeting in Takamatsu, held on  2010-10-06/08

5.2 Other reports

ISO/IEC 14443

6.1 NFC/14443 harmonization

6.2 Status of FDIS 14443-1:2008/FDAM1 (Classes)

6.3 Resolution of comments on 3rdFCD 14443-2:2010/FPDAM4.3 (Classes)
       -    Going for FDIS ballot ?   

6.4 Status of ISO/IEC FDIS 14443-2:2010/FDAM3 and FDIS 14443-3:2010/FDAM4 (EMD)
  • N 1779 = SC17 N 4104: BALLOT - FDIS 14443-2:2010/FDAM3 - Amendment 3: Limits of electromagnetic disturbance levels 
  • N 17xx = SC17 N 4xxx: BALLOT RESULT- FDIS 14443-2:2010/FDAM3
  • N 1780 = SC17 N 4106: BALLOT - FDIS 14443-3:2010/FDAM4 - Amendment 4: Electromagnetic disturbance handling
  • N 17xx  = SC17 N 4xxx: BALLOT RESULT- FDIS 14443-3:2010/FDAM4 

Status of  ISO/IEC FDIS 14443-4:2008/FPDAM1 (Additional parameters)
  • N 1778 = SC17 N 4101: BALLOT - FDIS 14443-4/FDAM1: Exchange of additional parameters
  • N 17xx = SC17 N 4101: BALLOT RESULT - FDIS 14443-4/FDAM1   (Ballot is pending, voting end is 2011-05-11)
6.6 Resolution of comments on Amendments for Bit rates higher than fc/16 and up to fc (VHBR)
  • N 1772 = SC17 N 4097: BALLOT - CD 14443-2:2010/PDAM1 - Amendment 1: Bit rates higher than fc/16 and up to fc 
  • N 1773 = SC17 N 4162: BALLOT RESULT- CD 14443-2:2010/PDAM1
  • N 1774 = SC17 N 4098: BALLOT - CD 14443-3:2010/PDAM2 - Amendment 2: Bit rates higher than fc/16 and up to fc and increased frame size
  • N 1775 = SC17 N 4163: BALLOT RESULT- CD 14443-3:2010/PDAM2 
  • N 1776 = SC17 N 4099: BALLOT - CD 14443-4:2010/PDAM2 - Amendment 2: Bit rates higher than fc/16 and up to fc, 
    protocol activation of PICC Type A and increased frame size
  • N 1777 = SC17 N 4161: BALLOT RESULT- CD 14443-4:2010/PDAM2 
  • N 1787: VHBR presentation from Raisonance
  • N 1788: Delayed comments from Austria 
  • N 1790: ISO/IEC 10373-6:2011 - Waveform Tool Extension for VHBR ASK
  • N 1791: Comparison PSK vs. ASK
  • N 1792: Issue of ISO/IEC 14443 PDAM for VHBR 
          -    Going for FCD ballots? 

6.7 NP for "PICCs with external power supply"
  • N 1768 = SC17 N 4089: BALLOT - NP for PICCs with external power supply
  • N 1769 = SC17 N 4146: BALLOT RESULT - NP for PICCs with external power supply
  • N 1782: Operating field strength range and modulation amplitude - Device attenuation
  • N 1783: Required changes in ISO/IEC 14443-2
        -    WD ready for CD ballot? 

6.8 Status of ISO/IEC 14443-3:2010

6.9 PWI for "Specifying the specific needs of mobile devices using the ISO/IEC 14443 methods"
  • N 1789General consideration on the usage of ISO/IEC 14443 for mobile phones
  • N 1793SIM and SD cards for mobile devices providing the ISO/IEC 14443 interface

ISO/IEC 10373-6

7.1 Resolution of comments on ISO/IEC 3rdFCD 10373-6:2001/FPDAM8.3 (Classes)
           -    Going for FDIS ballot? 

Possible correction and modification of the text of FDIS 10373-6/FDAM9 (EMD) 
  • N 1750: Text of FDIS 10373-6:2010/FDAM9 - Test methods for electromagnetic disturbances
  • N 1786: Noise requirements for the electromagnetic disturbance test

7.3 Resolution of comments on ISO/IEC CD 10373-6:2010/PDAM11 (Additional parameters)
         -    Going for FCD ballot? 

7.4 Consideration of starting the revision of ISO/IEC 10373-6:2001/Amd.7:2010

ISO/IEC 15693

8.1 Status of ISO/IEC 15693-1:2010


Resolution of comments on TR CD "Guidelines on RFU (Reserved for future use)"
                           -      Next step?

Update of the WG8 Projects' details
  • SD1: WG8 Projects

Dates and venues of next meetings  
  • SD3: Next Meetings

Any other business

Summary Report of this meeting  
  • N 17xx: Summary Report

Closure of meeting on 30th of March 2011 no later than 6 p.m. 

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