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"Contactless Integrated Circuit Cards"

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Organization of WG8:

WG8, standing for Working Group 8, is one of the Working Groups within the subcommittee ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17 "Identification Cards" and was established in 1988 to develop standards for contactless chipcards.

For more details of SC17 click SC17 Information.

WG8 has delegated its projects to three subgroups to achieve efficient and dedicated developments of the standards.

Conveners of WG8 and its Task Forces:

WG8: Mr. Michael HEGENBARTH, Germany
TF2: Mr. Pascal ROUX, France
TF3: Mr. Chris STANFORD, U.K.
TF4: Mr. Francis CHRISTIAN, U.S.A.

For details related to the projects of WG8 see "WG8 Projects".

For details related to the WG8 meetings of all four groups see "WG8 Meetings".

Liaison Officers of WG8:

Liaison to WG3 and WG10: Mr. Junichi SAKAKI, Japan

represents the link of both the working groups WG3 and WG10 to WG8, related to the standardization of  electronic MRPs (Machine Readable Passports) and of Driving Licences with a contactless interface.


Publicly available WG8 documents are indicated on their document lists by a light-green background. However, most of the documents are not publicly available. They can be retrieved only by registered members of WG8 and of its Task Forces. 

Experts wishing to become WG8 members are kindly asked to send their registration wish to the National Standardization Organization of their countries. Once registered, members may send an e-mail to the WG8 Convener (click ) for receiving information about how to access the non-public information of the WG8 Website.

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